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Found this awesome peg board over at RedCandy. Such a cool idea. Add a splash of colour to your worktop with the Block Mini PegBoard in Orange! This colourful desktop memo holder is a fun and functional bit of kit that is...

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Some amazing deals from a very very superior WordPress hosting service.

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Found a beautifully orange cushion at Gosh and Absolutely website, in fact I found several things I will post about but will start with this :)   Here is the info from the site: Our unique ‘Orange Blossom Cowbo...

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Amazing Time-lapse of Rocket and Groot Statues made in Lego. Over 29,000 pieces used in it creation. You can see more from Marvel's Youtube Channel including some great trailers of the awesome movie   https://ww...

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OMG. A real life Gravity gun from one of my favourite games of all time. I still pop back and play the half-life games even today and regularly play CSS. But the gravity gun was oh so much fun. This 'toy' is perhaps not re...
aeroskull hd orange

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Sometimes you come across a gadget you just have to try out, and this is definitely one of them, the Aeroskull HD. Not only does it come in an absolutely fantastic orange colour, and I mean how pretty is that thing! It pla...

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Everyone knows, you brush your teeth after eating oranges! Why? Because it just disgusting the other way round. Scientists will tell you it is all about the chemical reactions, take a look at this article for a better expl...