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You know when you’ve been tangoed

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I was out and about in town today, and happened upon a large, bald man who looked like the Tango man from the old amazingly funny adverts. So I visited my old pal Google to ask him to refresh my memory with a suitable picture of the tango man. I don’t know what his name was, if he had one, but tango man will do. Surprisingly there are few images around, certainly not many of any quality.

tango man

Here he is, and below getting ready for action.


What was more amusing, was all the people who did come up for the search you know when you’ve been tangoed

I have selected few to share below.


Oh what a handsome man

Nothing to say.

Well hello to you!


Anyway, then I got bored and stopped looking, and went in search of the Tango video on youtube, and just so you know, the guy in town looked just like him.

This is a whole collection of Tango ads, 20 minutes of awesomeness
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